Behind Closed Doors Vol 1 hit the Internet and a few select retailers back in March 2009, a few months later in June (after BCD reaching all over Europe, USA, Brazil, Austrailia and more!) AB0181 and Kosyne started brainstorming ideas for the inevitable sequel, it was important that they came up with fresh new ways to delve into the ever growing hiphop production culture and not just limit features to "staring at beat playbacks", boring question and answer sessions from uninterested producers or rehashing the traditional (and unforunate for the most part) non-engaging beatmaking videos exploited by many a wannabe Youtube star.

Nope!!..this time round they really wanted to get into the tools of the trade, lifestyle, grind, ambition and work ethic/process of the heads they wanted to feature and 8 months later work is almost complete on the second volume in the Behind Closed Doors series a much more mature offering than the first installment.

Starting back in June AB0181 and Kos decided not to limit the next volume of BCD to just UK based producers; they linked with Amsterdam heatmakers FS GREEN and SIR OJ in the first of what would be a two part exchange visit (the two were also booked by Kos to take part in August's LOUIS DEN BEAT CYPHER back in the UK), plus they connected with UK Ex-Pat BEAT BUTCHA now based in the Hague.

After catching some crazy footage in the Netherlands it was back on UK soil and inbetween the LOUIS DEN BEAT CYPHER events of August, October and December of '09 most the reamining footage for BCD Vol 2 was captured; during Andy's temporary relocation to London during August he caught up with producers BUG and FELIX? and singer KAGEY in Brighton catching the trio constructing a fresh joint from scratch showing their organic song writing process.

In November with Andy back home Kosyne took the trip up to Edinburgh to link up with him and JAISU and again later in the month hitting the road for a crazy BCD roadtrip covering a few hundred miles in the space of a couple days hitting London, Bristol and Huddersfield to film K15, JON PHONICS, SHEARS, KELAKOVSKI and APATIGHT.

Filming wrapped up in February 2010 with a resheduled shoot for Manchester based producer PETE CANNON. Originally meant for November a slight but devastating hiccup held up his very special Bristol based feature.

Finally with that feature in the bag all that remains is finalizing the movie and waiting for manufacture, whats in store is more than a worthy sequel to Volume One of BCD which will hopefully keep beat heads and music fans worldwide glued to their screens! | AB0181 | Behind Closed Doors Twitter | LouisDen MySpace

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