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If you write for an inprint magazine or blogsite and you would like to feature Behind Closed Doors to your readership then please make use of the contact form below; we are keen to extend our online presence (especially if it is music production/hiphop centred) so please get in touch; either use the email address below or make use of our contact form.
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We have copies of #BCD3 set aside to help promote the project if your site can generate a substantial amount of click-thru's to the site, please get in touch if you think your publication is suitable for this.
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To contact AB0181 or Kosyne regarding BCD3, please use the email address bcddvd@louisden.com, we'd love to hear from you and aim to help you with any enquiry you have regarding the project.
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Please make use of the links below if you wish to feature BCD3 in anyway on your site.
Hi Res Artwork | PDF Press release | Youtube Trailer
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For everything else please make use of our enquiry form; please include a contact email address and as much information regarding the nature of your query and we'll endevour to get in touch as soon as possible.
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