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"who did what?"

DVD Chapter List
01. Intro
02. Detroit2LA (Houseshoes)
03. Rhettoric pt 1 (Rhettmatic)
04. Khrysis Talks (Khrysis)
05. Inside Native Instruments
06. * Greg Skit *
07. The Crate Indoors (Mr Thing)
08. 5 Spot (Aspect One)
09. Rhettoric pt 2 (Rhettmatic)
10. Brooklyn State Of Mind (!llmind)
11. Diamond In The Ruff (Suff Daddy)
12. 5 Spot (Samiyam)
13. Rhettoric pt 3 (Rhettmatic)
14. Myke Check (Myke Forte)
15. * Kos Skit *
16. Sound In Vision (Kelakovski)
17. Business Man (J.Bizness)
18. Outro
Feature length: 75 minutes
Tech: 16:9 ratio, region 0 PAL encoded
Beat Tape Tracklist
01. Intro (produced by Kosyne)
02. Stomp (produced by Houseshoes)
03. Piece Of Sh*t (produced by Houseshoes)
04. Right Here (produced by Rhettmatic)
05. Thank You (produced by Rhettmatic)
06. Scars & Stripes (produced by Khrysis)
07. NewStyleSh*t (produced by Khrysis)
08. Swerve (produced by Aspect One)
09. Gang Raid (produced by Aspect One)
10. Chop Down (produced by !llmind)
11. The Slums (produced by !llmind)
12. Low Slow (produced by Suff Daddy)
13. Jim Marz (produced by Suff Daddy)
14. Cushion (*produced by Samiyam)
15. Where Am I? (*produced by Samiyam)
16. Aura Mist (produced by Myke Forte)
17. Cosmik Light (produced by Myke Forte)
18. Yardman (produced by Kelakovski)
19. Big Drum (produced by Kelakovski)
20. Almost (produced by J.Bizness)
21. Try (produced by J.Bizness)
22. Kung Fu Loo (produced by Slopfunkdust)
23. SOS (instrumental) (produced by Slopfunkdust)

* Track used with permission from Alpha Pup
Directed, Filmed, Edited, Titles, Graphics, Design Layout, Web
Andy 'AB0181' Brown
Darren 'Kos' Hay
USA Executive Producer
Slopfunkdust for Beatfanatic
BCD T-shirt / Illustration
Daniel Isles from Soapbox Clothing
Peace to..
All the producers that took part in BCD3, Aspect One, Houseshoes, Illmind, J.Bizness, Kelakovski, Khrysis, Mr Thing, Myke Forte, Samiyam, Suff Daddy, Rhettmatic
Special shouts to..
The Brown Family
The Hay Family
Greg and the Mirza-Avakyan Fam
The Good folks at Native Instruments
Sound Mix
Will Cory
Beats during feature
Menu - S-TYPE
Intro - Apatight
Native Instruments - Slopfunkdust / Khrysis / !llmind
Outro - Apatight
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Behind Closed Doors was filmed in Germany, UK, USA between January and August 2011 as a self funded project with no backers, grants or investors! your support is acknowledged and appreciated..THANK YOU!

(c) AB0181 / Louisden 2012

Behind Closed Doors Volume 3 :: (c) AB0181 / LouisDen 2012