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"for all you collectors!"

For BCD heads in the loop; you'll remember the BCD2BOX which we released inconjunction with the second volume of the series; in a custom printed style 'pizza box' we bundled some goodies inside for our supporters who wanted a little extra than just the DVD movie. Included in the BCD2 box was an exclusive t-shirt which featured poster print style design depicting all the producers who were involved in BCD2 as well as a scene by scene filmstrip style A3 poster, finally to top all this off we included some promo postcards and stickers which rounded off a tidy little bundle which we charged just a little bit extra than the DVD movie for.
Well not to be outdone we upped everything a gear for BCD3 and returned with the BCD3BOX, this is a great alternative to just copping the DVD as you get a gang of exclusive material unavailable elsewhere and this is what we brough to the table.
BCD3Tee by Soapbox
This time round we linked with Birmingham based fashion outlet "Soapbox Clothing", the lead designer Dan already had his finger on the pulse of all things Louis Den having been a frequent vistor to the Beat Cypher events and partnering with Louis Den affiliate Myke Forte to form their AudioPixel brand.
For the design Andy and Kos gave Dan a whole list of inspirational items and themes that all formed part of the crazy overseas trip the pair took to create BCD3, Dan came back with a crazy design featuring stylised illustrations of the producers featured in the project. Combine this with a high quality screen print and a durable heavyweight tee and you have a great EXCLUSIVE t-shirt that you wont be able to get else where!.

BCD3 7 inch EP

EP Tracklist
1.Houseshoes - Purist
2.Myke Forte - Rewind Tha 80's
3.Suff Daddy - Can I?
4.Kelakovski - Inspired
BCD3 also marked the debut release from the Louis Den Music label; the official outlet and music venture from the producer network's affiliates and those further affield!
Although you get the beat tape BCD style with the DVD we wanted to offer more exclusive material (and untagged) in the only format those with dusty fingers would appreiciate. We handpicked producers from BCD3 and obtained some unheard joints from their beat vaults for an exclusive 7 inch pressing you'll only be able to get from the BCD3Box (and the very limited online spots who obtained seperate copies of the record).
As a seperate item we've sold out of the record outright although if you search online you may find a store that offers it!; the only copies we have left now are those exclusive to the BCD3Box which are made even more special as rather than just a paper sleeve they come with a dope hand printed sleeve on recycled card. The screen printed sleeves make further use of the Soapbox BCD illustration.


BCD3Posters x BCD3Stickers

To round off the BCD3Box we've bundled stickers and a poster similar to the BCD2Box, the glossy A3 poster features the Soapbox illustration in all its glory, a worthy edition to your creative space or lab! The stickers also feature a circle cut of the illustration on a cardboard style texture and a slick grey design with poloroid style shots of the producers featured in BCD3.
Taking a recomendation from Myke Forte we've decided to bundle you with 2 of each sticker this time round so you can keep one pristine and the other on your favourite surface whether it be a door, peice of equipment, scrabook or DJ box! the choice is yours!

Behind Closed Doors Volume 3 :: (c) AB0181 / LouisDen 2012